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Extended Care
Extended Care Program Information

Preschool and Kindergarten:
Morning Extended Care is from 7:10-8:10AM.
     Preschool Extended Care is 12:00PM-5:30PM.        
1st-8th Grade:
Morning Extended Care is from 7:10-8:10AM.
Monday-Thursday for 1st-8th grade is 3:45-5:30PM.
Friday for 1st-8th grade is 2:45-5:30PM.
Half day for 1st-8th grade is 11:45-5:30PM.
  • At 12:00PM all children in our care will be signed into Extended Care.
  • Extended Care is available Monday-Friday when the school is open.
  • To be eligible to come, every child must be enrolled in our school, and must be attending school on the day they wish to attend.
  • Extended Care is prorated, which means a parent will only pay for the time their child is in our care. It is $4.20 per hour. There is a cost of $1 per minute per child after 5:30PM.
  • People on the pickup list are required to sign out their students. License or Identification may be requested at pick up time.
  • A lunch is required to be brought in for all Preschoolers who will be staying for lunch time unless prearranged. A “I forgot my lunch” lunch costs $6.00.
  • Snacks are provided in the afternoon.
  • Water bottles and cups from home are encouraged, but are required to go home every day for cleaning.
  • All items need to be labeled with their name on it.