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Kindergarten--Mrs. Vilski

January 14th Weekly Kindergarten News

Coming Up: 

Please check the Panther Press for lots more important information and details! 

In the Classroom: 

We are learning about the Israelites in the desert right before they enter their promised land. Lots of grumbling and forgiveness for everyone there! 

We are working on measuring items, ordering them from shortest to tallest/lightest to heaviest. 

Our main story this week is Snowy Day. We will do a little experiment to see what happened to Peter's snowball that he tried to save! 

Our sight words for this week are "play" and "was". 

Want to help? 

Check the Panther Press for opportunities. 

Kindergarten Round-Up will be on Wednesday, March 6th. This is a day on which future Kindergarten students for the 2019-2020 school year come and experience a day in Kindergarten. What do I need? Children to invite! :) If you know of any 4- or 5-year-old children that will be in Kindergarten next year, please send me their information so I can invite them! 

 Is your child ready for Kindergarten? 

          Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?
          Kindergarten Readiness Brochure  (This is a Colorado brochure,
                                                     but it has some valuable information.)

          Skills Checklist