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Kindergarten--Mrs. Vilski

February 18th Weekly Kindergarten News

Coming Up: 

Please check the Panther Press for lots more important information and details! 

Our Lutheran Education Week (LEW) to celebrate a Christian education is coming up! Check the Panther Press for the special dress-up days and events. 

We will take an all-school field trip to the Loveland Aquarium on Wednesday, February 27th from 9:30-2ish. If you would like to drive and chaperone (keep track of a couple extra kids), please let me know!

On Sunday, March 3rd at 10:45 AM, all our school kids will be singing in our church service (if they are available to do so). You are all invited to come worship with us and lend your child's voice to praise our Savior. There will be light refreshments afterward. 

We have extended a divine call (our church/school's type of job offer) to a woman named Amy Biedenbender, who currently teaches in Toledo, Ohio. I would encourage you to contact her to tell her that you're praying for her, and you can tell her about your hopes for your child's education as well as what our families and atmosphere are like here at Prince of Peace. Her email address is . Remember that she will be a lower grades teacher, so she could be your child's teacher in the upcoming years if she accepts the call to come teach here! :) 

In the Classroom: 

We are learning about the trials of Israel now that they are in their promised land. We have been talking about forgiveness and how God forgives us fully and freely because of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. We are learning the song "Seek Ye First" to sing in church on March 3rd. 

We are working on identifying solid, 3D shapes. This week we will be focusing on exploring cylinders, spheres, cubes, and cones while still reviewing teen numbers and how to make teen numbers (10 and 3 is 13!).  

Our main story this week is Just Going to the Dentist. Our Social Studies focus will be on the role of the dentist and our Science will focus on good oral hygiene. 

Our sight words for this week are "away" and "that". Download lists 1 and 2 of sight words to practice with your child by clicking here! You can print them and make them into flash cards. 

Want to help? 

Drive and chaperone for the field trip to the Loveland Aquarium on Wednesday, February 27th! We will leave at 9:30 AM and will return around 2 PM. 

Kindergarten Round-Up will be on Wednesday, March 6th. This is a day on which future Kindergarten students for the 2019-2020 school year come and experience a day in Kindergarten. What do I need? Children to invite! :) If you know of any 4- or 5-year-old children that will be in Kindergarten next year, please send me their information so I can invite them!