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Grades 6-8 Mr. and Mrs. Vilski
Career Month!

The month of January is Career Month. We will hear career presentations from: 
  • a barber
  • a restauranteer
  • a chief strategist from a web design corporation
  • a non-profit program manager
  • a commercial pilate
  • a teacher/principal
  • a realtor
  • an electrician
  • a fitness gym owner
  • a medical billing specialist
  • a firefighter
  • ...and YOU if you'd like to come speak with us!

As a 6th-8th grade classroom, Mr. and Mrs. Vilski co-taught a series on creating an inclusive classroom. This leaves no room for bullying, and any such interactions will be addressed. 

What can you do as a parent?
A LOT!!! 

To begin, please listen to episode 010 of the podcast 5 to Thrive. It is under 20 minutes long, and it is so SO vital that both teachers and parents are on the same page.

This first episode will give a clear definition of bullying, and that is the first step to having an inclusive community - both for our children and for our caregivers.

After that, go on and listen to the next few. They are quite eye-opening.  

This is also a Christian podcast, so we have the added benefit of a Bibilcal, Godly perspective on the matter. 

Please take the time to invest in your child's well-being and the well-being of all in his/her classroom. You may even find some helpful tips in dealing with the adults in your life! :) God bless your listening and prayers in this relevant matter.