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Preschool Philosophy

Our goals are to teach students God’s Word and show how to apply it in their lives. To teach and have children learn through play along side our preschool curriculum. To provide children with a Christian school community, a place in which words and actions reflect a belief in God’s love for all people. To provide a rich devotional life centered in God’s Word. To support Christian parents and home life. To teach children to use their time, talents and treasures to glorify God in a life of faithful service. To encourage students to live as obedient citizens of their country. To teach children to live as Christians in all their activities. To teach and encourage children to share their faith with others.
By the end of the school year we strive to have each and every child:
Know Jesus as their Savior
Use God’s Word in their lives
Share God’s Word with others
Communicate effectively
Become academically ready for the next school year
Prince of Peace Lutheran School - Mission Statement:
Our Prince of Peace Lutheran School exists to nurture its children and reach out to the community with a Christ-centered, quality education while assisting parents in spiritual, academic, social and physical training for their children.