Welcome to 3rd-4th Grade

Classroom News and Notes

Week of May 24th

How is it the last week of school already!?! Thank you for a wonderful year! As we wrap up the year, we still have some things in store, though most of it is review and fun! 

Memory Work -  

Hymn-  We do not have a new hymn this week. We have been singing favorite hymns from the year during devotion time. Ask your student what their favorite was from this year!  

Memory Treasures- While we are finished with Memory Treasures for the year, please keep studying God’s Word with your student and commit it to memory. When they ask why they have to learn so many verses, I tell them that it  is so they constantly have that comfort at hand as they go through life and so that, even when they are old and don’t remember who they are, they can remember Jesus and all of his promises. I want the same for you! Please learn with your student!!! 

Spelling- I teased the students that we need to have a new spelling unit every day this week so that they aren’t sad that we didn’t finish the book. 😊 This isn’t true. We’ll be doing review through spelling bees in the classroom this week.   

Reading and Writing- We will finish our poetry anthologies this week. I’m quite impressed with some of the poems they have written and can’t wait for you to read your student’s writing! 

Math- Please keep working on those facts at home even throughout the summer! 

Kickball Tournament- We will work on our t-shirts early this week so they are ready for Friday! 

Work- We will be putting some extra time into being sure that all school work is completed, completed well, and handed in. Please be sure to help your student complete any work they bring home! 

As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have!!!