May 7, 2020

Dear members and friends of Prince of Peace,

Yesterday at the governor’s press briefing, we heard some clarification for churches. On May 1st, we moved from red to orange in our state’s coronavirus response phase. There was a little confusion about what that meant for church services. Yesterday, General Burton, the head of the Utah Coronavirus Task Force, clarified that churches in Utah are allowed to resume in-person worship services, as long as they observe the six-foot distancing requirement between family units.

In light of this, Prince of Peace will be starting in-person worship services this Sunday, May 10th. We will limit the number of people who attend so we can observe the distancing guidelines.

Some things to know:

  • We will have services at the regular times, 8:00 and 10:45AM.

  • If you don’t feel comfortable coming, or if you’re in a high-risk group, it’s perfectly OK to stay home. We will still stream the 8:00 service live online so people can participate at home.

  • We will limit the number of people at each service, so that we can use only every third row of seats. This will enable us to keep at least six feet between families.

  • You’ll need to sign up online for which service you plan to attend, so that we don’t have too many in one service. Here is the sign-up link. Since your family can sit together, you're signing up for a pew, so whether you are single or a family of six, please only sign up once per family. If we fill both services this week, we will consider adding another in the near future.

  • We will take some precautions as we did on March 15th, our last in-person service, including:

    • We will open windows on Sunday, to get good airflow and ventilation. We will prop doors open so that we don’t have to touch surfaces going in and out.

    • Worship folders will be laid out for you to take as you come in, rather than someone handing them out.

    • Instead of passing the offering plates around, we will have them in the back of the chapel so worshipers can drop an offering there if they wish. We will also take a little time in the service to give an offering through the app for those who want to do so.

    • We will offer Communion in the service for those who want to receive it. No one should feel bad at all if they prefer not to receive it. Communion will be served in a continuous line instead of at the Communion rail. This will enable families to keep some distance from one another.

    • We’ll wave and smile to one another instead of the usual handshakes and hugs.

    • After each service, we’ll ask for a few volunteers to wipe down pews and other surfaces.

  • We strongly encourage wearing masks for the service. When someone has coronavirus (and maybe doesn’t know that they do), their mask reduces the number of infected moisture droplets from getting into the air. We realize masks are not totally effective, but they can reduce the risk of inadvertently spreading the virus somewhat. So wearing a mask is a way of showing consideration for other people. No one will be asked to leave if they’re not wearing a mask, but we ask that worshipers wear one if they can. Bring your own if you can, and we will have a few available for those who want one but don’t have one of their own.

  • No in-person Bible classes or Family Bible Hour in between services, but we will continue to offer Zoom Bible study and confirmation class from 9:30 to 10:15.

  • This is new for all of us. We’ll almost certainly find things that need to be improved. So we’ll try our best and adapt as we need to. Thanks for your understanding!


We know that members of our church have different opinions. Some feel that we’re being overly cautious. Others feel just as strongly that we’re not being careful enough. But we can love one another regardless of our opinions! We can be courteous and thoughtful and respectful of one another’s concerns. And, as sisters and brothers in Christ, we can come together to focus on God and his gifts to us.

So that’s the plan! Those who want to will meet on Sunday, and our Lord will come to meet us. And some of us will be safely at home, watching online, and Jesus will be there too.

Please contact one of the pastors with any questions or concerns. Pastor Micheel: Pastor Peil:

In Jesus,

Pastor Micheel and Pastor Peil

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