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We, humans, have a deep need to belong, to know who we are, and to have a sense of purpose and meaning.  Without these things, our hearts are restless and unsatisfied and so we naturally search for belonging, identity, and what makes us significant.  Do you belong?  Know who you are in relation to God and this world?  What gives you meaning and purpose?


What if there was actually a God?  What if He actually made you and He loved you and called you His own?  What if He really still speaks to people through His Bible to tell them who they are and sets them free to know who they are and to really live?  What if everything in your life, even the things that seem so messy, actually do have a meaning and purpose and it’s bigger than you can see?  


Could you use a breath of fresh air for your soul?  Got a little time for your heart to be set right?  


We would be very honored to have the chance to open a Bible with you and let the Lord speak to us about things like life in the face of death, about freedom from guilt, about the purpose behind pain, about Jesus Christ and His cross…which is the one place where our deepest needs are satisfied and our hearts are settled.  

Next Word of Life class starting on Wednesday, October 5th!

Click here to pre-register!

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