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SCRIP Program

Instead of paying for everyday purchases with cash or credit cards, families order gift cards or e-cards and use those for their shopping instead. Orders can be made at church on Sunday morning. Every gift card has a rebate on them, anywhere from 2 to 16%, which will go directly towards PoP.

Register online today: and use SCRIP for your online shopping needs as well.

Enrollment Code: Please ask for this information during the available selling times.

Box Tops







Every clipped Box Top earns 10¢ towards PoP. Bring any collected Box Tops to the school office to be collected. Orders are shipped out November 1st and March 1st every year. Also download the NEW Box Tops app and earn rebates on every receipt from the grocery store with a simple picture!

Amazon Smile






When you go to it will ask you to select your organization that you would like to support, please search and choose Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Salt Lake City UT. Each purchase you make using the link above qualifies for a .05% gift.

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