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Classroom News and Notes

Week of January 30th

Our Bible lessons this week take us to Cana where Jesus performs his first miracle at a wedding as he turns water into wine. We will be learning what a miracle is.

The big question in this particular story is… why did Jesus do it? Was it a desperate need? Not this time. Jesus did this simply because he loved the bride and groom. Jesus does everything out of love for us. One day, he would show the world just how much he loved them. Please read the story on page 314.

This week we’ll also talk about prayer. God promises to hear every prayer and answer every prayer. What God does not promise is to always say yes. God answers prayers with a simple, “yes, no or not now.” God is good. Sometimes we simply forget to ask God for what we need. God teaches his disciples how to pray. We’ll begin to learn the Lord’s prayer this week. 

We are moving ahead to the letter R. R is for race cars, robots, rabbits and rain sticks.


In math, we will be working with rectangles and squares.


In reading, we will be clapping out words that make up a sentence. 


In Science, we will learn all about shadows


In Social Studies, we will learn about the tradition of Groundhog Day. 


In PE we will be working on performing relay races.


In Music we will work with rhythm.


Looking ahead… On Tuesday, February 14th, we will be having a class party to celebrate Valentines Day. All Preschoolers are welcome to attend this day. Please see the class list of names coming home today in your child’s folder.

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