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Classroom News and Notes

Week of May 16th


It’s hard to believe we are wrapping up our last few weeks of Preschool. There is still so much to do in these last 10 days!


Our Bible lesson moves ahead to Peter and John heading to the temple. They saw a beggar who could not walk sitting at the gate of the temple wanting money. Although Peter and John did not have money, they did have something worth far more than money. They healed the man, and then headed together to go and worship. The people who were there witnessing this were so amazed! This story is on page 408.


In math, we’ll be playing games as we review shapes, numbers, patterns and dice. 


In PE we’ll continue learning to jump rope and take the parachute outside.


In reading we’ll be tackling finger plays, silly songs and nursery rhymes.


In science, we’ll release our butterflies outside and have some fun with sand and water! 


In social studies we’ll talk about summer stranger danger and sun and water safety. 


       Please note the information in these special dates…


All Preschool children are welcome to attend this Friday for our “ Preschool Track and Field Day.” This will only be a half day of school.  We’ll do some track and field events.   Preschoolers will stay on campus at Prince of Peace.  K-8 will travel to a different campus for track and field day to compete with other schools. Preschool will dismiss from 11:30am - noon that day in case you need to pick up your other children from the field Day in Sandy. 


THIS SATURDAY, May 20th,  will be our Prince of Peace School Carnival starting at 4pm. It will be a blast! Please bring your child and family to the event. (Also, Mrs. Rohrer is still looking for some help if you are willing to help out running a game that night!) 


Preschool Graduation will be on Tuesday, May 24th at 6:30pm. This graduation service will only be for the children heading to kindergarten next Fall. Please have your child to the preschool classroom no later than 6:15pm. The service will be in the chapel. 


Last day of school is Friday, May 27th.  All children are welcome to attend on that day.  We’ll be having a fun day with the kindergarten class. We will not be playing in the kickball tournament, but we will be watching the championship game.  Please plan to send an extra set of clothes in case your child gets wet and wants to change. We’ll be having some fun games with water. SCHOOL WILL DISMISS AT NOON THAT DAY. 


                             God bless your week!