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Classroom News and Notes

Week of September 26th


                   Welcome to the first full week of Fall! 


Our Bible lesson this week fast forwards quite a bit after the flood. The earth was full of many people again. The Babylonians decided to make a great name for themselves and build a tall, tall tower that reached into heaven. But God took the people’s language and confused it. They were not able to understand each other and the tower was never finished. The people spread out and moved all over. We will be learning how to say “Hello” in Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, German, India and France. Please read the story, “The Tall tower” with your child. 


D is for Dinosaur! Need I say more? We will be dancing like them and drawing them this week.  


In reading we will be enjoying the  book series written by Mark Teague, “How do Dinosaurs…” They are pretty silly stories, but the kids seem to really enjoy them.


We will begin reading sentences with this sight word phrase, “I see a…”


In science, we will study the changes that the season of Fall brings. We will be taking a closer look at leaves and see how they start to change colors before they fall to the ground. Ask your child about chlorophyll.


In math we will be working with dice and dominoes. 


In music we will continue to work really hard on our two songs that we will sing this Sunday in the 10:15 service. It is our last and final 50th Anniversary Celebration at Prince of Peace. There will be some activities and a meal to follow. Please let me know if your child will not be there. 


                                             Looking ahead…


Fall Break - NO SCHOOL the week of October 10-14 (Teacher’s will be heading to Omaha, NE for teacher’s convention)



Field trip to Wheeler Farm is scheduled for Friday, October 21.


                                  Have a blessed week!