Email sent on Friday December 4th


Updated COVID-19 Guidelines

Happy Panther Friday!

I wanted to take a moment to email you this morning to keep you in the loop on some changes concerning COVID-19 quarantining that are now in place, effective Dec. 3, 2020. These adjustments come after the CDC adjusted their recommended quarantine time frame earlier this week. Below is the quarantine revision letter sent from the Salt Lake County Health Department:

Effective today, the Utah Department of Health will allow individuals exposed to COVID-19 to end quarantine after 10 days instead of 14.
If you live with someone who tests positive for COVID, you must quarantine for the full 10 days—even if you test negative. It can be difficult to stay isolated from someone in your home who has COVID-19, so you may need to quarantine longer than 10 days if you can’t stay away from the person who has COVID. Every time you come into close contact with the person who tested positive while they are infectious, your 10-day quarantine starts over.
If your exposure to COVID was not from your household, you may be tested on day 7 of quarantine and, if you test negative and do not have any symptoms, you may leave quarantine.
If you qualify to end quarantine early (you have no symptoms and your exposure was not in your household), you may receive your 7-day test from the Salt Lake County Health Department. Refer to the health department website for the most current test dates, times, and locations.

We are thankful that to this point, Prince of Peace has been able to operate with as much normalcy as possible during a pandemic, but also want to remain diligent in our precautions and procedures that we have in place so that we can continue to meet in-person and provide a high-quality education for our student body. If you have any questions about the new quarantine revision, please email me at

The attached flyer also walks through the new revisions and outlines the testing locations and procedures for those who may be experiencing symptoms or who may have been exposed to someone with COVID-19. Please refer to this short document if you need a reference guide of the latest revisions.

We thank you all for your continued support and partnership with Prince of Peace as we move into the final weeks of classes before Christmas break. May God grant all of you a blessed Advent season as we await the birth of our newborn King!

Blessings on your day!
- Mr. Paulsen



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