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Prince of Peace Lutheran School families and friends,

     In an effort to provide Christian education in a safe and effective environment, the PoP School Board and faculty have reviewed elements of “what we do” in the light of “how we do it” under the current health situation.  The attached document is our current plan (as of 8/3/2020) for opening the school doors on Wednesday, August 19 in grades K-8 and Monday, August 24 for preschool.  Obviously many things can change between now and then, therefore the “PoP Pandemic Policies” document will be subject to change as often as needed.

     Our philosophy is very simple – keep our students, families, and faculty as safe as we can when they are in our building while maintaining an environment conducive to learning.  This must be a team effort among the entire PoP community, and we will ask that everyone in the PoP community adhere to our policies and procedures.  Most of what you will see in our document is based on a “bubble concept” where individual classrooms have limited contact with any other groups.  This concept allows us to minimize any health issues that could develop to as small of a group as possible.  Of course, this concept will force us to make needed adjustments to normalcy, but these actions are being implemented to allow for maximum use of in-person / in-building learning for the 2020-2021 school year.

     As parents are first and foremost in decisions regarding their children, PoP recognizes that all PoP families will need to do what is best for their family and their situations.

     Our PoP Pandemic Policies were developed with materials from local and national health agencies (including the CDC and Salt Lake County Health Dept.) in conjunction with numerous school systems, both locally and within the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.  I added some links at the bottom of this email to lead you to some of the resources that were considered for our document.  Our plan is intended to be proactive with safeguards in place for the safety and wellbeing of everyone in the PoP community.  Our approach is intended to be positive in terms of whatever is reasonable to allow for the most effective teaching and learning PoP can provide.  We ask for your help with this as well.  Our positivity will trickle down to our students making the transition back to school a welcomed event – even in uncertain times. 

     It is our intent to familiarize the PoP community with our currently planned policies and procedures prior to opening our doors in a few weeks.  Parents can discuss the general elements of these policies with classroom teachers at our annual summer visits with school families.  Parents that have specific comments, questions, or concerns are directed to contact Mr. Randy Zahn of the Prince of Peace School Board ( OR Mr. Paulsen (  An email will be the best way to ensure proper documentation of your communication.  Mr. Zahn and Mr. Paulsen will be ready to discuss any points of clarification with you as well.  Your feedback will be directed back to the entire School Board for their consideration and will be important to address any issues not covered by our current document.

We also will be providing the school supply list and a link to sign up for our Back-to-School Parent Meetings scheduled for August 10-12 and starting at 6:30 pm. Please plan to attend one of these informational meetings as we begin an unprecedented school year. Here is the link to sign up.

May God bless our continued preparations for the upcoming school year!
- Mr. Paulsen



Salt Lake County Health Department – 
CDC site –
US Department of Education –
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